Regular KALI ClassesGrowing strong together, as a pack!

In the lair of Sled Dog...

At the GAMMA facility, there are regular kali group classes of 90 minutes that are taught by high level instructors, including Tuhon Philip “Sled Dog” Gelinas himself. The classes follow the usual format of warm-up phase, footwork followed by drills from the Pekiti Tirsia Kali Doce Methodos with various ranges and set-up (from close quarter to long range, single stick, single knife, stick and knife, etc). The content of the classes can vary depending of the overall level of the group.

The end of the classes is usually reserved for sparring for whoever wishes to test and apply their techniques in a less restricted setting. Expect those sparring sessions to increase when an event such as a Dog Brother Gathering is looming around the corner!

Students are expected to wear comfortable sport clothes and to use rattan sticks (which are also available on the onsite shop). Aluminum training blades (blunt and non pointy blades and knives) can also be used during those training periods. However, in a sparring session, the use of protective gear such as fencing helmet and padded gloves is mandatory.

Come discover and study the world renowned style of Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Experiment, test your techniques and find your approach and strategy in a friendly, constructive and controlled environment. Confront and fight the heavy pressure in a stressful sparring round. Develop a good camaraderie with your peers and learn from your local training partners as well as meet other groups!

You could learn all the best swimming techniques in the world but it would be for nothing if you do not go in the water! Woof!

Private LessonsFor personal improvement or adjustment.

A tailor-made session just for you!

Do you feel like the group class goes too fast or not enough to your liking? Is there one section of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali curriculum that you would like to review more deeply? Do you have some doubts/questions as to your current form or technique but would rather have this corrected privately with the instructor? Do you have a personal or professional schedule that is in direct conflict with the classes?

It is possible for you to book a private lesson! The length of these lessons can be varied, depending on the person requesting it and the instructor’s availability. Contrary to regular kali group classes, you are in an environment where the instructor can focus solely on what you wish to develop, fine-tune/correct or improve, be it a particular set of flow drills, a specific set of combinations (seguidas) or fighting skills.

These private lessons are great opportunities for you to take notes, advance in the system and progress at your own rhythm and in your own time! They can also be used as a complement to those who are already following the kali group classes! Woof!

Seminars and WorkshopsBecause it's a big world out there!

Locally and on the road...

The Team Sled Dog also provides an outreach program for those who operate schools or have established training groups and wish to train and exchange with us. In those workshops, your group can benefit from Tuhon Philip Gelinas’ vast experience as an original dog brother and as one of the highest ranked Pekiti Tirsia Kali Instructors.

Those workshops can be offered in Montreal or at your local school. The content of these seminars can vary, depending on what you wish your group to work on. Instructor seminars are also offered.

We are happy to spread the knowledge and experience! Woof!

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
Tim Notke

You're CoveredTuhon Phil is one of the best in the business

GAMMA offer a challenging and yet friendly personal atmosphere, for adult men and women, for learning Filipino Martial Arts from a highly experienced instructor. GAMMA is a top of the line facility offering the best in martial arts training including some of the fastest rising martial arts in the world today. Philip Gelinas is one of the founding Dog Brothers as well as one of the founders of the Brazilian Top Team Canada network of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academies in Canada.